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Through this program, we are providing the people and organizations to raise their voices for various issues through the useful advocacy tools and techniques. We are designing Websites, media campaigns, IEC Materials, Infographic Reports , Newsletters and social media pages to advocate the causes and progressive interventions

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Human Health Awareness Alternatives and Trauma Healing (HAATH).This program is supporting communities regarding health facilities and medical aid specifically in disasters and health hazards. We are ensuring Free Medical Advisory Camps, Free Dispensaries, Health Awareness Radio Shows and Seminars

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Youth Anticipation for Qualitative Empowerment & Nation (YAQEN),This program is activating and motivating the young people towards conflict resolution, peace building, micro business entrepreneurships, creative skills enhancements and carrier counseling through capacity building trainings and sessions

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Rights Education Support Program & Organizing Nation to Counter Extremism.This is our program to educate and aware the deprived and marginalized communities of South Punjab by engaging them in awareness seminars, walks, Rallies, FGDs, Radio Programs, Open Hearings and interactive theatre regarding rights

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