The project “Nawaa-e-Amn” II (Voice of Peace) was executed by Human Health Welfare & Research Association (H-WARP) Team in Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan (BZU)


  • To build the capacity of 150 students of 03 student societies, 50 departmental faculty members, 25 hostel administration, 25 security and disciplinary committee staff of Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan on CVE.
  • Capacity of targeted stakeholders enhanced in conducting civic actions to counter VE narratives at campus
  • To increase engagement of universities on CVE initiatives at Azm-e-Pakistan’s targeted campuses
  • Enhance tolerance within and across communities

Key achievements of the project

  • To increase the membership of the student societies, core leadership of three selected societies (Zakariyan Music Society & Zakariyan Debating Society and Zakariyan Dramatic Club/Society) have organized 9 mobilization seminars in the Department of Political Science, Department of Geography, Department of pharmacy, Department of Statistics, Engineering collage and Department of Communication Studies, BZU Multan. In these student’s mobilization seminars, Membership desks were in placed in each activity and 58 students got membership of Music society, 68 of debating society and 77 of Dramatic Society.
  • Two Capacity building trainings on CVE were organized with 50 teaching faculty of BZU-Multan. The faculty of BZU was capacitated on peace, diversity, Tolerance, social harmony, Government legislation regarding peace promotion and Faculty Peace Forum (FPF) formed by the members of training sessions and this forum will initiate peace building activities with sustainability approach.
  • 52 members including Hostel administration staff, disciplinary committee members and Security staff participated in the two capacity building training sessions on CVE and knowledge of the security staff, Hostel Administration and disciplinary committee members increased on the topics of Peace, tolerance, diversity, acceptance and Social harmony.
  • Team H-WRAP have successfully organized 6 Three days Training sessions on Peace, Tolerance, Acceptance and Social Harmony with Zakariyan Dramatic society, Zakariyan Music Society and Zakariyan Debating Society respectively at Nawaa-e-Amn Youth Resource Center, BZU-Multan. In these training sessions 183 students were participated from 23 different departments of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.
  • Before the COVID-19 hits, H-WRAP team organized technical mentorship for the Zakariyan Music Society on 5 Music Instruments i.e. Piano, Harmonium, Guitar, Drum and Tabla, 62 students of Zakariyan Music Society (40 male & 22 female) participated in the sessions. Mentorship with the members of Zakariyan
  • Debating Society was based on two important skills speech Delivery Method and Communications and Dynamics of Debating, 52 participants including 35 male members and 17 female members participated in the mentorship session.
  • Faculty of the Bahauddin Zakariya University organized the 6 Social Action Projects (SAPs) in the different departments of the University. These events were organized in the leadership of the Faculty Peace forum which was formed in the Faculty CVE training workshops, 285 Students comprises on 138 males and 147 female students in 5 Seminars (SAP) and in one dialogue 22 faculty members participated.
  • In the post-COVID-19 situation, 10 SAPs (Faculty to Faculty Seminars 02, Faculty to student’s seminars 02, Music competitions 03 & Debating competitions 03) were organized and to enhance tolerance within and across the communities ten Radio talk shows and two TV talk shows were also organized.
Nawaa e amn II

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