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Human Health Welfare And Research Association

Human Health Welfare & Research Association (H-WRAP) is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization. It was established in the year 2013 and was registered under Social Welfare registration Act 1961 in 2014. Human Health Welfare & Research Association- H-WRAP was founded in the year 2014 by a group of committed development workers and experts belonging to various spheres of life such as health, environment, water& sanitation, education, law, engineering and women activism used to discuss the problems of the area and finally reached on a conclusion to establish an organization to solve these problems of the people voluntarily.

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What we Offer

Our Services

Team H-WRAP has the expertise to design Media Campaigns, TV Talk Shows, Radio Advocacy Programs, Training Module Development, Content Writing, Web Development and project implementing strategies. Our team has superior command to promote rights based awareness, health advisory, issues advocacy as well as the skills to support social causes in a creative manner.

Media Expertise

Team H-WRAP is facilitating various national and international NGOs through TV Talk Shows, Fm Radio Programs and Social Media Campaigning.

Medical Services

We are providing Health and Medical Aid to the deprived and vulnerable communities specifically in disasters and natural hazards.

Research & Training Section

We have a pool of Master trainers for facilitating Development & Corporate Trainings. In particular we are utilizing our abilities to motivate young people.

Social Working

H-WRAP is executing those activities required in peace building, rule of law, good governance, human rights and protection services to build a progressive society.

Legal Advisory

We have a grievance redressal mechanism as well as a free legal advisory & Counseling services for those who are poor and needy

Social Entrepreneurship

We are supporting women and young people in sustaining their economic lives by initiating micro business entrepreneurships.


Our Encouranging Partners

Our partners

Our partners, who have always appreciated us and supported our creative and innovative ideas, they provided us various platforms energetic efforts for the social betterment. We are thankful to them for choosing and trusting us.