Mariam Azeem

(Consultant & Lead Trainer)
My Biography
  • Imagine the birth of innovation rising from two world famous brands!!! The result will be splendabulous !!! That’s what happens in the sessions conducted by Mariam Azeem, an artist by blood, who has joined forces with the traits that of a trainer and public speaker for all the age groups!
  • Mariam Azeem has diverse skills that of a trainer, an advocate, an activist and she can contribute proactive ideas and reveal realities from grass root level. She is open to new ideas and always willing to contribute for learning and exchange of knowledge about wide range of topics including communication skills, advocacy, social media, youth, community and volunteer work, human rights, children rights and leadership and motivation  at national and international platforms, that make her an exceptional and experienced volunteer manager and organizer. She has an exposure of international experiences that adds to her knowledge and sensitivity towards different cultures n practices.

    Her personality; an amalgamation of matchless facilitation and training skills, have made her prominent and a trainer-by-choice over the period of time. She has a very accountable and focused attitude towards work and life with bright hues of sense of humor and broad horizons of vision. Her strong communication, interpersonal-communication and presentation skills blended together spot her as one of the best speakers for the youth settings. She has a power to attract masses and let voices of many being collectively heard.

    She is free from prejudice and intolerance with regard to race, religion, gender and nationality. She has a dynamic and pleasant personality that has a quality of adjusting well in the multi cultural environment.

    You need learning and laughter together? … Try her!

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